Heng Yu Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

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  Our Strategy
  Our Planning

We will keep on enhancing our keyboard design for the professional markets by developing more innovative and competitive display and digital signage solutions while offering stable and affordable green display solutions.

Retail / Hospitality:
- Our new POS keyboards will be further enhanced by using our THIRD generation FTMK key technology plus the dual interface programmable solution.

- We will offer the unique customer display solution in serial and TRUE USB interface (not USB VGA).

- We will enrich our touch monitor options and keep working with Elo touch as our unique touch panel option.

- We will launch a new line of more reliable and affordable product checkers for retail shops.

- To build up a comprehensive range of digital poster (ranging the 12" up to 42") with our own easy poster designer software.

Medical Industry:
- Launch different styles of medical keyboards for medical equipment for the use of patients and medical officers to reduce the chance of cross-infection.

- Integrate our innovative small TFT display solution and durable backlit keys to the medical control panels on most of the medical equipments. 

Gaming Keyboards:
- Utilize our rich experience and knowledge on the professional keyboards with Cherry MX key switches to build more stylish but durable games keyboards.

- Integrate our USB interfaced TFT display solution to the games keyboards for message communication among the gamers via the Network.